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Sichuan intangible cultural heritage on show in Beijing

Updated: 2014-12-30 10:53 (Chinaculture.org)

An exhibition of Sichuan intangible cultural heritage kicked off in Beijing on Dec 29. It showcases 15 types of intangible cultural heritage arts and crafts from Sichuan province, such as oil paper umbrella, Shu embroidery, butterfly painting and Thangka, totaling hundreds of items. The show will run through Jan 3.

Sichuan intangible cultural heritage on show in Beijing

A piece of Shu embroidery on display at the exhibition in Beijing, Dec 29, 2014. Shu is the short term for Sichuan. Shu embroidery is typically done on the soft satin fabric produced in Sichuan province. A Shu embroidered piece may include hundreds of thousands of stitches in a single figure or animal, and may take many days or even weeks to complete. One of the most popular subjects for Shu embroiderers is the panda bear, but scenes of nature of any kind are also common. [Photo/Zou Hong/ asianewsphoto.com]

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