Iqiyi launches live webcast channel

By Wang Kaihao ( ) Updated: 2016-07-11 13:22:43, one of China's largest online video platforms with its 600 million registered users, opened its live webcast channel on July 8.

Though not being a pathfinder in the country's tensely competitive webcast market, Gong Yu, CEO of Iqiyi, promised the internet colossus' relatively late entry will have its advantages.

For example, the webcasts will release behind-the-scenes stories of the reality shows and online TV series made by Iqiyi for viewers combining virtual-reality technology. Webcasts are to be an important tool to promote programs in the future.

The channel also provides an open platform for ordinary users to become "stars" via live webcasts, and will seek contracts from entertainment companies.

The new channel is also available on iPhone and Android app.


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