Global cinema gurus champion short films

By Li Hongrui ( ) Updated: 2016-06-08 17:11:05

Global cinema gurus champion short films

Heyi Film director Liu Kailuo (first from left), film critic Raymond Zhou (first from right), and US director Bobby Roth (middle) at the discussion on Chinese commercial films and art films at Heyi Film, Beijing, June 7, 2016. [Photo provided to]

The importance and marketing of short films was on top of the agenda at a global think-tank in Beijing yesterday, which brought together 60 experts from 30 countries.

A discussion on "The Balance and Development of Chinese Commercial Films and Art films" was held at Heyi Film. The event is part of the 2016 Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Workshop and Symposium (SFATD).

Heyi Film director Liu Kailuo, film critic Raymond Zhou, and US director Bobby Roth were the three main speakers.

The discussion centered on the understanding of short films and their marketing and the balance of commercial films and art films in China.

Roth expressed his personal fondness for short films. He believes making short films is a good way to exploit resources and showcase new directors' talents.

Zhou said most of the short films people see fall in the art genre, because they often appear in film festivals. But a hundred years ago – when the film industry was still fledgling – most of the short films were commercial films.

"No matter art films or commercials ones, as long as the director has the talent, excellent short films can be made," Zhou said.

As for the marketing of short films, Bobby said few people made short films for a profit in the US. Most are shown during film festivals or are simply students' productions.

"I have been director for more than 40 years and only in last year I made my first short film. To me, making short ones are not easy, but more difficult than feature films. It requires a good skill to illustrate a story completely. And filming short ones is a good learning to directors,” Roth said.

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