Banking on help from Hollywood

By Xu Fan ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-06-02 07:40:32

Banking on help from Hollywood

Zheng Jun [Photo provided to China Daily]

Zheng says the experience with the scriptwriter taught him a lesson and he finally put his hopes in Ash Brannon, the co-director of Toy Story 2, who was nominated for a 2007 Oscar for Surf's Up.

Brannon, who had originally joined the crew as a story artist, was picked to direct the film after he fell in love with the story, foreign media outlets reported.

During this period, China's entertainment giant Huayi Brothers joined the other investors to back the movie.

Zheng says the movie, which he ranks at eight out of 10, fulfills his dream of telling an Eastern story using the Hollywood style.

"A lot of puns and the narration make it a very Hollywood kind of film," he says.

As he plays with a stuffed toy replica of the rock-star cat, a major star in the movie, Zheng says: "This (film) in some senses represents my recognition of West pop culture. This (cat) character is based on big rock stars that I've adored," he says, adding it can even be seen as homage to his idols.

"It (the cat) is cool, talented, and awesome. But it's also selfish and makes use of everyone it can exploit."

Claiming the cat mirrors a part of himself, he says the pup is a better version of the bad boy that he once was.

"The dog is kind-hearted, simple and sincere. And it still trusts those who've cheated it. This is very oriental."

So will the film work with Western audiences?

While the movie's overseas release dates-which will be after the film debuts in the mainland-have yet to be confirmed, Zheng believes its Hollywood celebrity cast will make it easier for the film to find space in foreign markets, long dominated by Hollywood.

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