Photo exhibition: A pilgrim for power

By Ruan Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-06-01 09:58:08


In this new exhibition, The Tears of the Earth, Olivier Roller compares the two world powers of over 2,000 ago, the Roman Empire (27 BC-AD395) and the Qin Dynasty(221-207BC).

"Imagine during that time, there are only two muscles in the world, and they don't communicate, and now I make them communicate in this exhibition. It's cool," Roller said.

He spent hours alone in the museum with the statues, adjusting lights and trying all possible angles until he could not make any other changes.

"You know if you move one centimeter, the shadow is not the same and the face is not the same," Roller said. Adding that he finally managed to get a few satisfying pictures of the two warriors - from over 200 photos out of the day’s 10-hour shoot.

Roller said that the experience reinforced the idea of how we should deal with our faces and our skin, as time leaves marks on them.

"You know people usually find these pictures of the statues amazing, with the stains or the scars. So if you like this kind of picture, you should also love the marks on your skin; you should know that curves are also beautiful."

To read the article about the power project of Olivier Roller, please click here.

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