Jackie Chan: I almost died during new film production

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Jackie Chan: I almost died during new film production

Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are on stage to promote Chan's new film Skiptrace in Beijing on May 22. [Photo/]

Kung fu star Jackie Chan revealed on Sunday in Beijing that his life was at stake at one point during the filming of his new movie Skiptrace.

"I tried my best this time, and I almost died during filming," Chan said, remembering an incident in Guangxi province when he was shooting the new film. "I met a torrent, fell out of a raft and was sent rolling in the water. I'm not a good swimmer, so I was really screaming for help. But the staff could not get close enough to rescue me. Later, the raft was turned back by the torrent and I got my life back. Life is so vulnerable. It is horrifying."

The film has always been associated with a tragedy. On Dec 17, 2014, cinematographer Chan Kwok-Hung drowned while on a shoot for the film.

Chan was joined by another veteran martial arts movie actor Yuen Biao on stage at the press conference. The two have collaborated on and off since 1976. Chan shared a few memories with him and said, "Whenever we meet in life, we actually have one less meeting for the rest of our lives. Life and friends are all so precious."

Skiptrace is an upcoming action comedy film directed by Renny Harlin, produced by, starring and based on a story by Jackie Chan. The story tells of a retired detective from Hong Kong who teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious criminal boss. The film also co-stars Chinese mainland actress Fan Bingbing, Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang and American actor Johnny Knoxville.

"I had this script in my mind for 25 years," Chan said, "I have always dreamt of a runaway and chase story, to show both the Chinese landscape and culture along the roadside to the world.”

Chan added that he still shows real kung fu in the film, instead of seeking help from CGI special effects. "Everybody works with a green screen now, but the hardest thing to do is to create real action," Chan said, "I'm not a fan of high-tech effects, I just like raw and simple things."

Skiptrace will hit Chinese theaters on July 22.


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