'Second child' up for 2015 Chinese character, word awards

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'Second child' up for 2015 Chinese character, word awards


Voting for The Chinese Character and Chinese Word of the Year 2015 launched on Nov 20 in Beijing, hosted by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, The Commercial Press, People's Daily Online and CCTV.

For the first time, the yearly candidates list has two versions for 2015; one is "big data recommendation" and the other an "experts'recommendation". Big data recommends 二孩(second child), 习马会(the meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Yingjiu), 大阅兵(grand military parade), 互联网+(Internet Plus) and 股市(stock market) as candidates for China's past year, as well as 巴黎恐怖袭击(Paris attack), 中东难民(middle-east refugees), 亚投行(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), 优步(Uber) and 欧债危机(European debt crisis) for the world in 2015. Among the experts making suggestions are 真(real) for China and 恐怖(terror) for the world chosen by Wang Xuming, director-general of the Language and Culture Press.'s candidates list for the domestic includes 小鲜肉(good looking young boy or man) and 跌(fall), 震荡(tumble) and 争(compete) were chosen for the word in the past year.

Since 2006, the annual event has been held to determine one Chinese character or word to describe China and the world in the past year. The event includes four parts: online users'recommendations, experts'voices, online polling and final announcement. Online users can vote through People's Daily Online, WeChat, CCTV's WeChat account, and the website of The Commercial Press until Dec 7, providing candidate words.

On Dec 21, the final result will be announced, including the Chinese Character of the Year, the Buzzword of the Year, the New Word of the Year, the Cyber Word of the Year and the Word of the Past 10 Years.

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