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The very best of Britishness

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1 Fish and chips

The very best of Britishness

It was reported three years ago that fish and chips-or fish ‘n’ chips - beat the queen in a poll and tops the list of 50 things deemed the most British by its nationals. Britons are more affectionate toward this national‘delicacy', which can be found around almost every street corner in the UK, than they are their monarch.[Photo/IC]


Cultural symbols, be they abstract or specific, are carriers of a country's way of life. To foreigners, they are things that can epitomize the quintessence of that country's treasures so well that they pop up almost immediately when people think of that place. So what comes to your mind if we talk about Britishness? The queen? Fish and chips? Maybe literary icon Shakespeare? We've compiled a list of the things that are generally deemed very "British" and hope it resonates with your impression of the UK.

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