Easy Talk Special: Americans' perspective on China and Japan

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China is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the victorious "War of Resistance" against Japanese Aggression. Also in anticipation is Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to the United States.

At such particular time, China Daily Website interviewed several Americans in China on what they think of the issues regarding China and Japan 70 years after the "War of Resistance". In addition to that, the interviewees were made to do some quizzes on related topics.

So let's take a look at how much Americans know about the cultural differences and the issues between China and Japan.

Host: Ruan Fan

Videographer: Xu Jing

Editor: Nicholas Bedard

Subtitles: Ruan Fan

Producer: Xu Jing

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui

About Easy Talk and Easy Talk Special:

Easy Talk is a weekly talk show program covering the latest living-related issues in today's China. Foreigners living in China are invited to share their life experiences and observations on a variety of light topics. The discussions revolve around the cultural differences that exist between China and other countries, covering various aspects and the implications they have on China's cultural exchange with the world.

Easy Talk Special: Americans' perspective on China and Japan
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