Film doesn't expect to be loser in golden week

By Xu Fan ( ) Updated: 2015-09-01 16:08:36

Film doesn't expect to be loser in golden week

A still shot from Goodby, Mr. Loser. [Photo provided to]

Most of the middle-aged men struggling for careers would envy the title rols adventure in the upcoming comedy film Goodbye, Mr. Loser.

The movie, adapted from the namesake theater play, follows a middle-aged loser magically traveling back into his teenager body after a weird dream.

His knowledge as an adult wins him the love of the prettiest girl in the school and popularity on the campus. By plagiarizing hit songs that gain nationwide popularity 10 years later during his adult period, he becomes a star.

Backed by Internet giant Tencent and real estate mogul Wanda, both stretching their tentacles into movie industry in recent years, the movie has postponed its premiere date from Aug 27 to Sept 30.

Some insiders regard the change as a hint of investors' confidence in the low-budget title to compete with blockbuster rivals. The golden week from Sept 30 to Oct 6, China's National Day Holiday, is usually one of the most fiercely competed periods for box office.

"The movie has a solid fan base thanks to the theater play's popularity," says director Yan Fei. "Comedy is one of the most difficult forms of art. In the movie, viewers in their 30s will resonate with a nostalgic feeling of their puberty years and laugh at the humorous dialogues about hot topics."

Goodbye, Mr. Loser is one of the biggest drama hits produced by Mahua Funage, a privately owned theater play company, which has shot to fame since 2003.


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