Rise in ticket prices dampens tourists' enthusiasm

By Xu Jing ( ) Updated: 2015-08-25 09:12:30

Rise in ticket prices dampens tourists' enthusiasm

Maijishan Grottoes in Gansu province plans to raise their prices as well. [File photo]

According to some Chinese scholars, in some cities of the country, it is understandable to raise the ticket prices because of the rapid economic development, pressure of cost recovery for enterprises, better environmental protection or improvement of service quality. However, the administrators have to offer authentic financial statements, and be examined and verified by a credible third party.

Wang Yanyong, a professor of the department of tourism management in Beijing Jiaotong University, said in a recent interview that ticket prices of scenic spots should be scientific and reasonable.

"If the tourist attractions can explain clearly why they need to raise prices, we can accept it without any doubt. If not, we’ll resist of course," he said.

Shi Xuejun, a well-known lawyer and columnist, wrote in his article that if the scenic spots want to raise the ticket prices, there should be public hearings by price control authorities, administrators of the scenic spot and consumer representatives.

"Even if the plan is approved by public hearing, the administrators of the tourist attraction should improve their level of management as well as service, and offer tourists a safe and happy trip," he said.

While Liu Simin, vice-president of Beijing Tourism Society, also said in an interview that even tourist attractions of public resources have the right to raise the ticket price, the key is to make all the information transparent.

"Although we have public hearings before the rise (of the ticket price), it isn't transparent enough, so that consumers can't trust the result sometimes. The administrators (of the scenic spots) have to make public their prime cost of the rise, and invite a credible third party to finish the process of verification," he said.

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