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Brick by brick

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-04-10 08:03 Comments

Brick by brick

Dai Yongxi / China Daily

A group of elderly people moves tons of bricks by hand every day at Shenjia Kiln in Zhejiang's Jiashan county. Built more than 200 years ago, the kiln produces Jinzhuan brick, or gold brick, an ancient construction material used to pave the Forbidden City and royal gardens. The price for one brick ranges from 8 yuan ($1.29) to 100 yuan, depending on the size.

Working as a kilnman pays relatively well in the rural area. One can earn about 50,000 yuan for half a year's work. However, the brick-making process is serious manual labor, especially carrying semi-finished bricks in and out of the kiln.

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