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Beauty in sheep

Write the two Chinese characters yang (sheep) and da (big) together as one, and you get a new character mei (beauty). Artist Zhou Beili, inspired by the character's composition, has created a large installation with paper, wool, glass and foam. The piece shows a happy shepherd sitting midair on the clouds, in the public space in Life Hub@Anting.

10 am-10 pm, through March 2. Life Hub@Anting, 1055 Moyu Road South, Jiading district. 021-6950-2255.

Swordsman's dilemma

One of the most preeminent names in contemporary Chinese art working with digital images, Yang Yongliang is presenting his latest creation, Yan (Nightmare). The 50-minute piece depicts a metaphorical dream from which one can never wake up and a dilemma that one could never pierce through. The protagonist is a swordsman existing in a metropolis who has an ambition but noway to express it.

11 am-7 pm, through April 7. Shanghai Gallery of Art, 3F, 3 Zhongshan E1 Road, Huangpu district. 021-6321-5757.

Chasing the light

Japanese artist Hitomi Uchikura is having her first exhibition, Lumiere, in Shanghai. Uchikura was inspired by a pile of glass pieces from a broken mirror, which reflected light from the sun and illuminated her studio. Later, as she traveled to many parts of the world, she continued to be fascinated by the movement of light. The exhibition features photography and digital installations.

10 am-6 pm, through March 22. Shun Art Gallery, 28 Moganshan Road, Putuo district. 021-5252-7198.

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