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Classic Shaanxi opera goes on stage in Beijing

Updated: 2014-12-09 16:35 (Chinaculture.org)
Classic Shaanxi opera goes on stage in Beijing

Artists perform a classical selection of Shaanxi opera, Wudian Hill: Probing into the Kiln (Chinese "五典坡•探窑"), at the Chinese Theatre in Beijing on Dec 3, 2014. The performance is part of a series of activities that displayed the traditional Shaanxi culture at an event called "Guofeng, Qinyun", which lasted for a month and ended in Beijing on Dec 5, 2014. Shaanxi opera, also called Qinqiang, is a local opera that thrives in Northwest China's Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, and Ningxia. It is known as the "First Emperor's Opera", indicating it was popular during the reign of Qinshihuang, the first emperor of a united China in the Qin Dynasty (221 BC- 207 BC). [Photo/cnwest.com]

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