Something old, something renewed

( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-06-11 17:01:20
Something old, something renewed

A scene from the restored Two Stage Sisters. Provided to Shanghai Star

Something old, something renewed
Lights! Camera! Action!
Something old, something renewed
Stars on the red carpet
The 1964 film Two Stage Sisters is the first Chinese film to be converted to 4K resolution (the resolution needed to accurately sample the analog image on the film to a digital image).

The brand-new old release will be the opening film for this year's Shanghai International Film Festival. Directed by Xie Jin (1923-2008) from Shanghai, the film tells the story of two female Yueju singers who take quite opposite paths in life.

The film is now recognized as one of Xie's masterpieces but was once heavily criticized for the portrayal of "bourgeois" values in the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). It won quite a few international prizes after the "revolution" was over.

The film's two leading actresses, Xie Fang and Cao Yindi, will attend the premiere this time.

It took six months' hard work for L'Immagine Ritrovata Film Restoration Laboratory in Bologna, Italy to complete the restoration of the classic. The festival organizer says restoration of classic films costs a huge amount of money – four times the cost of 2K resolution.

The 4K digital restoration technology will improve the resolution, and restore the original colors and sounds of the movie. Despite the cost, the producers hope this will focus attention on the protection of celluloid cultural heritage.


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