New Three Gorges, New Life



China says silt in Three Gorges Dam area under control

Silt accumulation will not be a problem for the massive reservoir of the Three Gorges dam project, Chinese officials said here on Tuesday.

China not to avoid disadvantages of gigantic Dam project

Geological disasters in the Three Gorge Dam areas have been brought under effective control but hazards may still happen. Project brings benefits  Full Coverage


'Golden triangle' tourism route planned

Wushan County plans to make full use of its rich tourism resources, especially the three little gorges along the crystal-clear Daning River, to create a new tourism route to increase locals' income.


Chongqing liquor flagship aims to be listed in 2008

Chongqing Shixian Taibai Group, the only pure state-owned enterprise in Wanzhou and the largest production base for fermentative liquor in Chongqing, will try to reform its property rights by becoming a listed company in 2008.


Work on Three Gorges Dam 90 percent complete

Work on central China's massive Three Gorges Dam, the world's biggest hydropower project, is 90 percent complete.


Three Gorges project generates 150b kwhs of electricity in 3 years

A hydroelectric generator at the Three Gorges Power Plant. The country's largest hydropower project, has generated more than 150 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity since it became operational in 2003. [Xinhua]