Nomads settling down to better lives

URUMQI: Dambo and his wife Saka have done what they never thought they would in their lifetimes - settle down in a brand-spanking new bungalow.
Women pick honeydew melons at Toksun county in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Friday June 19, 2009. Fruits of the county's 22,000 mu melon field grow ripe in June.
Xinjiang to invest heavily in rural highways
China has built a reputation as one of the world's great exporters, but for the country to look at exporting Muslim food to Muslim countries might still be considered ambitious.
Returning birds bring balance to eco-system
Over two decades, Li Wanhui of the Xinjiang local government, has watched as a downstream stretch of the mighty Tarim River turned from a natural local oasis to a dry riverbed and then, ultimately, transformed into a stunning lake.