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  • Hu urges CPC to implement essence of the congress

    2012-11-10 07:14

    Hu Jintao on Friday said the report to the 18th National Congress of the CPC is a political manifesto and program of action, and urged the Party to implement the decisions.

  • CPC delegates' aspirations at a glance

    2012-11-11 10:46

    The delegate from the Lahu ethnic group Li Naluo (Right), the delegate from the Blang ethnic group Yang Ziqin (Center) and the delegate from the Va ethnic group Chen Fengxian perform Li's self-composed song "Thanks to the CPC" in Beijing on Nov 10, 2012.

  • Election methods of CPC National Congress approved

    2012-11-10 19:44

    Election methods of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) were approved at a presidium meeting held in Beijing Saturday afternoon.

  • China snubs US discrimination against firms

    2012-11-10 14:50

    Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming on Saturday snubbed a recent US Congress report that accused two Chinese technology firms of threatening US national security.

  • Delegates visit photo exhibition on achievements

    2012-11-10 09:46

    Delegates to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China visit a photo exhibition on achievements which China has gained under the leadership of the CPC.

  • CPC moves to solve land disputes

    2012-11-09 22:30

    After it became the country's only ruling party 63 years ago, the Communist Party of China (CPC) is now looking back to where it started on its way to the national power: solving the land problems for farmers.

  • Netizens hash-tag Hu's call for confidence

    2012-11-09 21:33

    Hu Jintao has called for 82 million members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to remain confident in the Party's theories and future, while suggesting ways to maintain it.

  • Web users laud income-doubling goal

    2012-11-09 21:24

    Chinese microbloggers have praised a goal set by the ruling Communist Party of China to double resident income from the level in 2010 by 2020, but not without some doubt.

  • Communists walk fine line in reform

    2012-11-09 19:57

    The reform and opening up campaign, which has brought the Communist Party of China (CPC) tremendous achievements in the past three decades, is now more of a conundrum testing the Party's courage and wisdom.

  • Hu's colloquialism delivers unambiguous message

    2012-11-09 19:45

    A colloquial expression used by President Hu Jintao that previously bewildered translators became more explicit when he used it in a solemn political report delivered at a twice-a-decade key meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Thursday.

  • CPC makes strides in Party building

    2012-11-09 17:11

    The CPC has made Party building achievements in several aspects, including the education of Party members, construction of Party leaders groups and crackdown on corruption.

  • Youngest and oldest delegate to CPC congress

    2012-11-09 10:30

    Jiao Liuyang, left, who won a gold medal at the London Olympics and a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics in swimming, poses for a picture with Jiao Ruoyu (no relation), a former Beijing mayor, in Beijing, Nov 8, 2012. Jiao Liuyang, who was born in 1991, is the youngest delegate to the 18th CPC National Congress, while Jiao Ruoyu, born 1915, is the oldest.[Photo/Xinhua]

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