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Find out the latest news, photos, analysis, and comments about the upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from China Daily and

  • China to tighten security ahead of Party congress

    2012-07-27 21:22

    China will "tamper down and consolidate" a security belt in Beijing before the city hosts a crucial Communist Party of China congress during which a new generation of leaders will be elected.

  • Meet new provincial Party chiefs

    2012-07-20 10:50

    The Communist Party of China has completed its province-level Party committee transitions, and a group of younger cadres were elected.

  • Collection of provincial Party chief

    2012-07-17 14:18

    As the 11th Beijing Municipal Party Congress concluded on July 3, the Communist Party of China has completed its province-level Party committee transitions before the five-yearly National Congress of the Party.

  • CPC Party member volunteers

    2012-07-05 10:06

    CPC Party member volunteers organized volunteer work for residents in local communities in Dandong on June 28.

  • For democratic Party election

    2012-01-13 08:08

    In the coming election, delegates will be elected through the combined will of the leaders and electors after delicate consideration and arguments.

  • China stresses training of non-Communist talents for multi-party cooperation

    2011-11-24 11:38

    China's top political advisor Jia Qinglin called for greater efforts in the training of non-Communist talents so as to boost the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

  • Zhou Qiang elected Party chief of Hunan province

    2011-11-23 20:12

    Zhou Qiang was elected secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Wednesday.

  • Xi Jiping delivers speech at Party School

    2011-11-17 09:45

    Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping delivers a speech during the opening ceremony of the school's autumn session for a second batch of party cadres in Beijing, Nov 16.

  • CPC official meets European political party leader

    2011-11-08 19:53

    The Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Wang Jiarui met Martin Schulz, president of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D) in Brussels on Nov 7.

  • More grass-roots delegates for CPC

    2011-11-04 11:18

    BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) will include more delegates from the grass-roots level, including migrant workers, at the Party's 18th National Congress.

  • Non-Communist parties urged to boost soft power building

    2011-10-19 20:44

    Hu Jintao, chief of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has expressed hope that non-Communist parties and people of influence contribute more to the country's cultural development and soft power building.

  • China's Communist Party to boost culture construction

    2011-10-19 14:01

    The importance of promoting culture, both domestically and internationally, was placed center stage at a key leadership meeting.

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