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  • Migrant workers beat holiday rush on motorbikes

    2014-01-23 22:09

    About 600,000 migrant workers in Guangdong province are expected to travel home by motorbike for Spring Festival in order to beat the travel rush, sources with the Sinopec Guangdong Oil Products Company said on Thursday.

  • Preview for 2014: Urbanization

    2014-01-15 10:07

    China Daily would like to focus more on how urbanization affects people's everyday lives and how enormous business potential will be created.

  • Keeping the lid on our housing prices

    2014-01-13 11:13

    Nobel laureate and Yale University professor Robert Shiller was one of the first global economists to talk about the runaway risks in China's spiraling property prices.

  • Ginger city snaps into shape

    2014-01-13 09:38

    Central to ginger production in China is Laiwu, a city of about 1.3 million people in East China's Shandong province. It also does a big line in garlic.

  • Looking for the right impetus

    2014-01-06 07:19

    Urbanization is still an integral element of China's growth agenda and policymakers should strive to push for steady, gradual results, rather than quick solutions.

  • China looks abroad for urbanization ideas

    2013-12-09 19:55

    China's Foreign Ministry on Monday said the country is willing to enhance cooperation with other countries in urbanization.

  • Farmers prepared to reap benefits from land reform

    2013-12-04 09:26

    A pilot program was launched in some parts of Anhui and a number of other provinces that allowed farmers to swap, rent out or subcontract work on their land.

  • Farmer explores business of bugs

    2013-11-26 23:08

    Wang Fuming spends 8 hours every day with cockroaches — millions of them. He even dines on them, fried, in the belief they can cure his stomach disease.

  • In small-town China, movies are big

    2013-11-09 00:46

    Opinion leaders like critics may have the final say in the appraisal of a film, but it is the young in provincial cities that increasingly determine the box-office results in the Chinese market.

  • Lhasa street stalls moved to shopping mall

    2013-11-09 01:45

    More than 3,000 street stalls along Lhasa's Yutok Street moved to a new shopping mall on Friday to better protect and upgrade the ancient city center.

  • Truck makers pin hopes on urbanization

    2013-11-11 08:10

    Industry analysts say prospects for Chinese truck manufacturers overseas still look grim because of high barriers to entry in mature markets like Europe and the United States coupled with a saturation of Chinese brands in traditional export destinations like the Middle East and South Africa.

  • Living in an urban village: 'Iron-digger'

    2013-11-04 17:15

    13-year-old boy Xiong Sansan's parents make a living by cleaning and collecting scraps, and digging waste iron from construction sites.

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