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  • Solutions needed for urbanization

    2014-01-27 08:14

    Most of the issues that confront China's urbanization process deal with financing costs and methodologies for sustainable economic development.

  • China can avoid Japan-style property bubble: official

    2014-01-14 11:22

    China's policy fine-tuning and ongoing urbanization can help it avoid a Japan-style property bubble, a senior housing official said.

  • A new opportunity for prosperity

    2014-01-14 07:16

    Urbanization is definitely the buzzword of the year. Premier Li Keqiang has stressed on several occasions that urbanization will create China's biggest domestic demand.

  • Playing up the difference

    2014-01-14 07:16

    As Chinese brands expand their operations globally and face rising consumer demand domestically, they must begin to differentiate themselves from stiff competition.

  • Tackling the shadow banking is huge task

    2014-01-13 11:20

    A government document to regulate shadow banking, reported by the Chinese business media last week, has highlighted more than ever before the dilemma in China's financial system and a daunting task in its financial reform.

  • Keeping the lid on our housing prices

    2014-01-13 11:13

    Nobel laureate and Yale University professor Robert Shiller was one of the first global economists to talk about the runaway risks in China's spiraling property prices.

  • China's urbanization can learn from abroad

    2013-12-19 10:07

    China can learn from Western countries whose cities are characterized by beauty, efficiency and are "walkable" to develop well planned and sustainable urban communities.

  • 'Human-centered' urbanization a way out of smog: experts

    2013-12-18 17:27

    Experts say "human-centered" urbanization may help bring a breath of fresh air to the smog-smothered nation.

  • China's urbanization could learn from foreign experience

    2013-12-18 11:20

    Urbanization is the road China must take in its modernization drive, offering an important way to address rural problems.

  • Urbanization to cost $13t, expert estimates

    2013-11-28 17:17

    The process of urbanization in China will cost at least 80 trillion yuan ($13.1 trillion), a researcher from the Ministry of Finance said at a forum on Thursday.

  • Economist calls for market-driven urbanization

    2013-11-26 17:30

    China's leading economist and advocate of reform Wu Jinglian has called for a new model of urbanization that is market driven and more efficient.

  • Beijing forum looks at urbanization challenges

    2013-11-21 16:57

    Chinese and European specialists discussed various issues concerning the green economy at a Beijing forum that focused on the challenges of urbanization.

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