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  • Local govts start releasing audit results

    2014-01-25 03:02

    China has increased the transparency of its massive local government debt by allowing local governments to release independent reports on their liabilities.

  • CDB's urbanization loans near 1t yuan in 2013

    2014-01-27 10:45

    China Development Bank (CDB) lent 996.8 billion yuan ($163 billion), two third of its total loans in 2013, to boost urbanization, the bank said on Sunday.

  • Local governments 'need to refinance debt'

    2014-01-15 10:44

    Chinese local governments will issue new debt in 2014 to repay old loans, since a large amount of local government debts will mature in the near term, said analysts in Hong Kong.

  • China boosts financial support to counties

    2014-01-11 15:02

    The Ministry of Finance issued a guideline to boost financial support to counties, which are key links in grassroots administration.

  • New local bonds OK'd to pay off old debt

    2014-01-02 01:15

    China's top economic planner will allow bond swaps in an effort to avoid defaults in the local government-created separate investment agencies.

  • Beijing's land transfer fees hit record high

    2014-01-01 21:09

    The red-hot property market in 2013 pushed Beijing's land transfer fees to a record high of 182.18 billion yuan ($30 billion), 2.8 times that for 2012.

  • China's direct govt debt risks controllable

    2013-12-31 10:47

    "We believe the markets and the Chinese government should be alarmed by the rapidly rising leverage, but we do not believe China is on the brink of debt crisis."

  • Local debts surge to nearly $3t

    2013-12-30 23:47

    China's local government debt and contingent liabilities ballooned to 17.89 trillion yuan as of the end of June, according to audit results.

  • Local govts' direct debts at $1.79t at end-June

    2013-12-30 16:58

    The National Audit Office said that governments at various levels in China were liable for a total direct debt of $3.4 trillion as of the end of June 2013.

  • Regulator eases limits on handling local govt debt

    2013-12-10 07:34

    Local governments might be allowed to handle their nonperforming assets in a broader way to tackle the increasing risks feared to exist in China's banking system.

  • Banks' bad loans up slightly in Q3

    2013-11-14 00:05

    Bad loans by China's lenders rose 24.1 billion yuan ($3.96 billion) in the third quarter, the biggest quarterly rise since the fourth quarter of 2005.

  • Li pledges to strengthen debt audits

    2013-10-22 23:35

    China's overall debt level is in a safe and controllable range, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday, pledging to continually strengthen the auditing of loans by local governments to limit potential risks.

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