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  • China to renovate industrial zones by 2022

    2014-03-12 11:20

    China will strive to finish relocating or renovating old industrial zones in urban areas by 2022, China's cabinet said on Tuesday.

  • China to release human-centered urbanization plan

    2014-01-22 09:42

    China has completed a national plan on urbanization, and is expected to publish it soon, the China Securities Journal reported on Tuesday.

  • Limits set as China pushes urbanization

    2014-01-11 15:39

    As China bets heavily on urbanization to bolster the economy, land officials have underscored the need to maintain a "red line" minimum for arable land.

  • Cabinet approves new zones

    2014-01-11 02:29

    China's cabinet approved the establishment of new zones in Northwest China's Shaanxi and Guizhou provinces in the southwest, the latest move to open up inland regions.

  • Govt backing essential to success of 'smart cities'

    2013-12-27 09:43

    China should pay more attention when building "smart" cities, which are an efficient and ecologically friendly way of spurring domestic consumption.

  • China to end migrant workers 'semi-urbanite' status

    2013-12-17 17:38

    Measures are being taken to enable China's 260 million migrant workers to gain urbanite status and become integrated members of cities.

  • Frenzy of interest in subsidized homes project

    2013-12-10 00:52

    More than 100,000 Beijing residents — and rising — are trying to get their hands on a government-subsidized, affordable housing unit from the capital's first owner-occupier commercial property project.

  • New urbanization plan on the way

    2013-12-03 23:45

    A new national urbanization plan will be released and implemented next year, according to a statement from the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

  • China offers tax breaks for shantytown renovation

    2013-10-28 20:42

    Enterprises involved in government-led shantytown renovation are eligible for tax breaks if they meet certain conditions, authorities announced on Monday in an effort to encourage participation in the project.

  • Laws bring reduction in forced demolition

    2013-10-14 08:12

    New rules help keep violent incidents and confrontations in check.

  • Cultural policies issued for Shanghai FTZ

    2013-09-30 11:20

    China's Ministry of Culture published a couple of readjustments on policies regarding the cultural sector in the pilot free trade zone in Shanghai.

  • China improves supervision of rural banks

    2013-10-10 09:38

    China's banking regulator has revised the rules for the operation of rural financial institutions to step up supervision of small and medium-sized ones.

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