Overseas-Funded Companies Adjusting Strategies


Nike, Adidas readjust marketing strategy

Leading sportswear makers are readjusting the marketing strategies of their brands in China with two of the top sellers moving into lower-tier cities in order to be more competitive.
Li Ning goes head to head with sportswear giants
Sports apparel helps fill the kitty
Special: Overseas-funded companies adjusting strategies

Siemens CEO touts long-term China strategy

Multinationals should focus on long-term development in the Chinese market, despite the fact that the business environment and investment policies may have their ups and downs, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens China said Thursday.

Foreign firms still gung ho on China

Foreign companies operating in China and experts on Wednesday reiterated that the nation is still an attractive destination for investors. Full Coverage

Policy Watch

Massive boost for West China

The central government has said it will invest more than $100 billion in 23 new infrastructure projects in the underdeveloped western regions this year to boost domestic demand.

Pay Hike

Counting the cost of rising wages in Chinese industry

Economists said that although wages will continue to rise, foreign companies are unlikely to move out of China due to the many other advantages that the nation offers them.

Moving Inland

Foxconn eyeing other parts of China: Exec

A senior executive of Foxconn on Wednesday said the firm has plans to shift some production lines out of Shenzhen to tap more business opportunities on the mainland and save on production costs.


Experts say foreign investment to remain robust

Pressures that foreign companies may face in China for pay rises will not dampen their confidence about investing in the country, with the nation set to welcome a new wave of foreign direct investment (FDI) this year, according to a think-tank of the Ministry of Commerce.

Foreign firms still gung ho on China

China's FDI grows 27.48% in May

FDI rise indicates confidence

China to boost foreign investment in central regions

China's FDI up 7.7% in Q1