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Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Updated: 2010-09-10 13:37
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Happy China's 26th Teachers' Day  

China's 26th Teachers' Day falls on Friday. The festival was initiated in 1985 as a reminder that teachers should be held in reverence for instilling knowledge and morals in students.


 My teacher once told me:

1. Girls should have a pure heart and few desires, and never stop improving yourselves. Do the right things at the right time, then you won’t be crossed in love. @ Zhuayazhuaya

2 . I want to remind those teachers who spoon-feed students. One key, one lock. Those who try to open every door will end up the worst door maker in the world.@ Xiongkousuizuanshi

3. Good deeds will not interfere with others’ study and work.@ Guzhongyou




Chinese President calls on teachers to embrace innovation

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday, the eve of Teachers' Day, called on teachers to embrace reform and innovation in teaching and enhance teaching standards.

Tired, stressed and 'fed up'

Vast numbers of teachers are suffering mental and physical health problems due to the intense pressure heaped on them by students, parents and school officials, education experts have warned.

Teachers told to say no to gifts

The Ministry of Education has urged teachers across the country to avoid accepting gifts from students or their parents on the occasion of Teachers' Day, which falls on Friday.

Hu stresses importance of education

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged the Communist Party of China and the government to give priority to education in their work, in order to achieve the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Teacher blazes a new trail

Children in the brand new Haoertong Kindergarten like to boast to their peers at other kindergartens: "Our principal is a handsome uncle."

Teachers dance to kids' tunes

Jin Shan never thought that one day she would be teaching thousands of adults all over the country children's dances. 





Teachers' Day

What Teachers' Day means to teachers and students should never be a problem, but now, the question of whether teachers should accept gifts, or even cash, from students' parents has become a subject of discussion, both online and in the print media, prior to Teachers' Day today.

The festival was initiated in 1985 as a reminder that teachers should be held in reverence for instilling knowledge and morals in students. It also serves as a reminder to teachers that they, popularly known as engineers of the human soul, need to reflect on their self-improvement in terms of knowledge and personal integrity.

It is understandable and acceptable for students to present a greeting card to their teachers as a token of their respect and gratitude. It is also natural for students to hold a party for their teachers to mark the occasion.

Yet, it is a different matter when some parents give cash or precious gifts to teachers for fear that their children may not get enough attention in school, or to encourage extra care for their children. If some teachers ask or even give a hint to students for cash or gifts on such occasions and they favor and discriminate against some students according to the value of gifts their parents have given them, it is a serious problem.

Ten schools in Beijing have called on teachers not to receive money or other precious gifts from students. Some schools even stipulate that teachers will be dismissed if they are found to have accepted cash or gifts from students' parents.

While it is almost impossible to stop some parents from offering gifts, it is possible to impose strict rules prohibiting teachers from accepting such gifts. If no teacher accepts anything from students' parents, it will not be hard to forge a clean and amiable relationship between teachers and students.

 Debate and Poll


Should gifts be banned on Teachers' Day?

Friday is Chinese Teachers' Day celebrating their contribution to the classroom. However, the festival is tainted by materialism as more parents turn to high-price gifts or even cash to offer teachers. Should taking gifts on the Teachers' Day be banned?





Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Special performance for teachers

Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Teacher in a wheelchair

Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Teachers’low-carbon fashion show

Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Students celebrate Teachers' Day  

Happy 26th Teachers' Day
Happy 26th Teachers' Day

Happy 26th Teachers' Day
Special blessing for Teachers' Day