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World Cup special: All about the Cup

Updated: 2010-07-12 07:52
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Editor's note

    The last thirty days has seen a World Cup like no other. 32 teams arrived in South Africa with the hopes and dreams of their nation on their shoulders. So let's take a look at some highlights of the tournament, the good and the bad, the controversial and just down right lucky of those who left the cup in success or sorrow. Because it will be another four years before the next party…


World Cup Champions


World Cup Last Four

World Cup special: All about the Cup
   Germany-Spain Semi

Carles Puyol finally cracked open Germany's stubborn defence with a superb late header to give Spain a deserved 1-0 win and send the European champions into their first World Cup final. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Netherlands-Uruguay Semi

Dutch stars Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben scored three minutes apart in the second half as the Netherlands beat Uruguay 3-2 to advance to its first championship match since 1978. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
 Germany Win Third Place

Germany showed their legendary resilience when they came from behind to beat Uruguay 3-2 in a thrilling third-place World Cup playoff after losing to Spain for the final game berth. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
  Uruguay's Major Impact

The difference between success and failure in football is often measured in inches, and so it proved for Uruguay and star striker Diego Forlan. [Read more] 


 World Cup Moments

    We have witnessed more than 200 hours of the most dramatic football ever seen against a backdrop of controversy that some fans will remember for a long time. Click for videos

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Most Controversial Judgment

Although Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda waved play on, replays showed the ball had crossed the goal line on the first bounce. If the goal had counted, England would have equalized at 2-2 in the 38th minute. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
  Most Lop-sided Match

Portugal enjoyed their biggest ever World Cup victory when they overwhelmed North Korea 7-0 in Group G to end the Asian side's hopes. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Most Stunning Knockouts

Italy and France, champions and runners-up in 2006 were humiliated by underdogs one after the other to set for home before the last 16 matches. [Read more]

In the do-or-die stage of the World Cup, we have to witness the cruel and grievous exit of some huge names: England, Italy, France, South Korea and...Nobody wants to see tears, but it happened. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
  Most Unexpected Fiasco

After refusing to train, the French players released a statement protesting against Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka exclusion from the squad. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
  Most Unfortunate Loss
Had the Gyan converted a last minute penalty in quarter against Uruguay, Ghana would have become the first African side into a World Cup semi. [Read more]


World Cup Stars

Is this Kaka's last World Cup appearance? Are club stars doomed to underperform on World Cup pitch? Who will take over Klose's position in German squad? Will Ronaldo's 15 World Cup goals record be equaled or broken?  Click for videos

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Forlan Player of Cup
Uruguay's Diego Forlan won the best player of the tournament award on Sunday after lighting up the World Cup with some wonderful goals that helped his team become South America's only semi-finalist. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
 Stars Failing to Shine

They were supposed to light up the World Cup after as they scored a total of 170 goals for their clubs this season, but...

Messi, 23 years old, 0 goals from 5 matches

Kaka, 28 years old, 0 goals from 5 matches

Ronaldo, 25 years old, 1 goal from 5 matches

Rooney, 24 years old, 0 goals from 4 matches

Drogba, 32 years old, 1 goal from 3 matches  [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
    Coach Expression

As the eleven play on the World Cup court, head coaches direct the games.

Here goes expressions of some coaches. They are actually the most high-profile player.

We will never forget the back of Domenech and Lippi as they leave the pitch after the group stage exits; we will never forget Loew's V-shape collared blue sweater that is believed to bring his team good luck; we will never forget Huh Jung-Moo's walk-away in the rain after his team's second round knockout.[Read more] 

World Cup special: All about the Cup
C.Ronaldo Becomes Father

Cristiano Ronaldo announced he has fathered a baby boy with a woman who has chosen to remain anonymous and with whom he has agreed to keep exclusive guardianship of the child. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
   Families on Pitch

For some, the 2010 World Cup is not only a football carnival, but also a family reunion. Fathers, sons and brothers, all enjoy themselves in this special reunion. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
     Tearful Player

DPRK's Jong Tae-se cries while listening to his country's national anthem before the 2010 World Cup Group G match against Brazil. [Read more]


World Cup Talks

     Will goal line technology be introduced in Brazil? Is sex really good for players before important matches? The World Cup posed so many questions, but also left so many unanswered - apart from, of course, who won!  Click for videos

World Cup special: All about the Cup
  Sex before Soccer?

It is one of football's hottest debates; is sex a distraction or can a little bit of what players fancy help ease the strain and tension of World Cup competition? [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
    Silence Vuvuzela

Perhaps it was only a matter of time until the vuvuzela became a runaway hit on the iPhone.
More than 81,000 votes on the web site call for a vuvuzela ban but World Cup organizers have made clear it will stay.
The iVuvuzela app can produce about 90 decibels of noise on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, while the real horn belts out more than 130. [Read more]

After the anger that erupted over Frank Lampard's disallowed goal, which would have converted the game into a 2-2 equalizer, England fell apart quickly, giving Germany two fast-breaks that sealed two game-winning goals for their old foes.

What will Lampard say if he sees another disallowed goal by his English successors after when he becomes a grandfather? History repeats itself?
Never again. [Read more]

Before the World Cup began last week, Wang Xuemin never imagined the tournament would affect her daily life - that was until the "beautiful game" stole her husband. [Read more]

The country's manufacturers have enjoyed resounding success in selling vuvuzela, the plastic horns sounding like bees swarming that have been the buzz among World Cup spectators. [Read more]

The octopus named Paul has turned into an international celebrity after accurately picking the winner of all six German World Cup matches - including their 1-0 loss to Serbia and Spain. [Read more]


World Cup Faces

    The world united together, huddled around television screens to the constant buzz of vuvuzelas, as we watched the winners, losers, tackles, tears and triumph of the month-long football carnival. Click for videos

World Cup special: All about the Cup
     Beauty Fans

World Cup is the battlefield for men, but women are not merely bystanders at the soccer gala. Women fans support their national teams gracefully, faithfully and fanatically sometimes… Salute to the beauty fans! [Read more]

US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron placed a bet of beer on the outcome of the football match between their teams which ended with a draw. The two fulfilled the bet at G20. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
World Cup is for All
Football unites every one. We have different nationalities, colors and religions, or, some of us receive unfair treatments. But we share one common right: enjoying football. [Read more]

It is also a dressing World Cup as fans from different countries make them up with colors of their national flags to support their teams. [Read more]

 World Cup special: All about the Cup
       Roosters Cup

As all football players try their best to capture the championship, so too animals take their special skills and take part in the football match. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Fever in China
A large paper-cut figure playing football is shown on Wangfujing pedestrian in Beijing. The city enjoyed the World Cup during the past one month. [Read more]


World Cup South Africa

The continent's first hosting the Cup provides an early opportunity to know South Africa. Waka Waka, this time for Arfrica, and when is the next time? Click for videos

Makarapas, decorated with paintings of favorite teams and special design features the local artists incorporate, are worn by the majority of fans at the World Cup. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Mandela's Football Dream

Nelson Mandela met South Africa's national soccer team Bafana Bafana, wearing the captain's number 4 shirt, to help inspire the team on home soil. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Official Song: Waka Waka

You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up...
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle
You're on the frontline
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isnt over
The pressure is on
You feel it
But you've got it all
Believe it

World Cup special: All about the Cup
Sunbathe at Durban beach

A South African boy enjoys a sunny and warm day on the beach in Durban. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
    Closing Ceremony

Elephant floats are seen as performers take part in the closing ceremony of the 2010 World Cup at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. [Read more]

World Cup special: All about the Cup
    Opening Concert

Singer Alicia Keys performs during the opening concert for the 2010 World Cup at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg. [Read more]