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Swapping-Notes‬ Q&A help Chinese and Americans ask everything they wanted to know about the other country.

Peng Liyuan has drawn much media attention for her style, character and work in the fight against AIDS, Wang Qingyun reports.

While serving as a member of the United Nations peacekeeping force in East Timor in 2002, Su Dongxu had to overcome fierce competition to be appointed to the post of district commander.

China to set up $1b peace fund

China will establish a $1 billion "China-UN Peace and Development Fund" to support the United Nations' multilateral cooperation and boost world peace.


Film finds 'better angels' in US-China relations

Telling the story of two nations from points of view of the prominent and ordinary alike


Xi's visit changed US attitudes toward relations

Li Cheng, director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution, said that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s week-long trip to the United States managed to change the suspicion and pessimism held by Americans toward the Sino-US relationship.


A major player for peace

From South Sudan to Liberia to Lebanon, Chinese personnel have been heavily involved in peacekeeping efforts for the past 25 years, honoring China's commitment to world peace, and winning applause and raising expectations in the process.


China to set up 8000 troops for UN peacekeeping

China will contribute 8,000 troops for a United Nations peacekeeping standby force, China's President Xi Jinping told the United Nations General Assembly.


Xi pledges $10 million for the UN

The president also vowed that in the next five years China will help developing countries to build 100 projects related to the healthcare of women and children.


Xi says China-Iran cooperation faces new opportunities

Chinese President Xi Jinping met Monday with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, and pledged to further boost bilateral cooperation following the conclusion of a comprehensive Iranian nuclear deal.


President highlights boosts to global peace, development

In his first speech at the United Nations as China's president, Xi addresses a range of international challenges, including eradication of poverty.



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