Chinese premier visits African branch of CCTV in Kenya In photos: Chinese premier's visit to Africa Chinese premier vows to combat poaching, ivory smuggling Wife of Chinese Premier visits women's organization in Nairobi Premier Li arrives in Angola for visit

The African Union

Chinese Premier visits African Union

The AU Conference Center, the construction of which is sponsored by the Chinese government, had been inaugurated on Jan 28, 2012.

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African Union HQ a symbol of cooperation

China, AU to comprehensively deepen co-op


Li delivers high-speed rail vow to Africa

Premier Li Keqiang pledges to contribute to connecting all of Africa's capitals by high-speed railways, while offering another $10 billion loan to improve infrastructure on the continent.

China, Nigeria join hands during difficult time: ambassador

China, UK offer tracking help

China to aid Africa without preconditions: Li

China, Nigeria to further deepen political ties


Mandarin key for Angolan's ambitions

"You're going to study in China and get a better job back home after graduation." Angelina Dodissea Alberto Gomes, an Angolan woman in her 20s, repeated the words in Chinese.

China helping to rebuild Angola's infrastructure

Li vows to protect rights of Chinese working abroad

Sino-Angolan cooperation grows

Premier Li pledges unreserved agro-tech support for Angola


China, Kenya signs deal on East African railway

The co-financing deal to build a railway linking Nairobi to Mombasa will be a critical infrastructure project to boost regional trade in East Africa.

Chinese premier visits African branch of CCTV in Kenya

Chinese premier says Kenya visit fruitful

Premier wraps up Africa tour

China, Kenya pledge to boost comprehensive cooperative partnership