County eyes prosperity through tourism

Huichang sits at the confluence of two waterways that go on to form the Gan River, a principal southern tributary of the Yangtze River and the lifeline of Jiangxi province.

Book initiative aims to improve local officials' governing skills

After visiting Huichang, a county in East China's Jiangxi province, in April, China Daily made another trip in late July to discover more about the efforts the Huichang government has made to not only develop the county's economy, but also improve its governance and cultural atmosphere.

Volunteer groups work to assist county residents

Zhong Yongjin is president of the volunteer association in his village in Huichang county, Jiangxi province.

Huichang's Lai returns home to liven up theater scene

Nestled between the busy and narrow streets of downtown Huichang, the county's sole theater is an unassuming venue.

Officials ridding county of 70-year duck sacrifice ritual

county are pledging to eradicate a nearly 70-year religious tradition of sacrificing tens of thousands of ducks at local temples, to promote “love, peace and civilization”.

Lifeline for poverty-stricken castle village

Standing atop a cliff, surrounded by green mountains and boasting some of China's most untouched ancient buildings - Yangjiao Water Castle has all the elements of a major tourist attraction.

Elderly peasant's exhausting 23-year tea service

For 23-years, the father of four has regularly trekked the half-hour journey it takes to get here from his home, simply to greet visitors with free cups of tea.

Master playwright's small-town experiment

Hidden along a modest alley and atop a crude concrete step, the unassuming doors to the Huichang county theatre swing open.

One woman's quest for the perfect rice noodle

Guo Yonghong receives guests in a pearl-white hall lined with glass showcases, exhibiting one of Huichang county's most famed food products - rice noodles, or mifen, a popular staple in South China and Southeast Asia. Guo, the general manager of Jiangxi Wufeng Food Co, has worked in the industry for more than 27 years.

Businesses help shake off poverty

Editor's Note: With preferential policies and financial support from the central government, some business-savvy residents in Huichang have started their own businesses to help not only themselves but also their fellow Huichang people alleviate poverty. Below we interview three of these entrepreneurs.

Top official sets county on right path

Huichang is the first place in China to pilot the ISO9001 anti-corruption system

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