Wen to carry on reforms

Updated: 2012-03-15 08:06

(China Daily)

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Premier Wen Jiabao's faith in confidence and will to act were on full display on Wednesday during his news conference capping the annual session of the National People's Congress in Beijing.

From forcing down property prices to pushing ahead political reforms, to correcting unfair distribution and creating jobs for US workers, the premier's prescriptions boil down to a formula of hope for the future.

The personal touch he gave to the news conference, which others may try hard to avoid, was heart-winning and we have to admire his openness, dedication and self-discipline. "Due to incompetent abilities and institutional and other factors, there is still much room for improvement in my work," he said.

To those worried that the government would be preoccupied by the leadership transfer this year rather than the challenges facing the nation, Wen's words were reassuring.

His pledge to make up for the imperfections in his work with new accomplishments sounds too modest to those who realize how hard he has toiled. But we appreciate his promise to work like a "yoke-carrying old horse" till the very end of his term of office.

The five tasks Wen and his Cabinet will take on during the remainder of their term - working out a general scheme for income distribution reform, drafting rules on compensation for land requisitions, providing old-age insurance to all, enhancing poverty relief, and guaranteeing the promised 4-percent-of-GDP input in education - will not be easy, but given their necessity for greater fairness and equity, they are legitimate priorities.

Wen's remarks on the necessity of political reform "to uproot the problems in society and economy" were an impressive follow-up to his previous appeals, as well as an inspiring response to society's calls for meaningful progress down the road of reform.

Many of the country's current conundrums call for changes, as the premier pointed out, while the economy has developed new problems have arisen, "including income disparity, lack of credibility and corruption".

Solving these problems requires political as well as economic reform. But he cautioned that with such a vast population the promoting of a socialist democracy should be done gradually bearing in mind national circumstances.

And many people have come to terms with the need for changes. This is invaluable groundwork for public discourse on a workable scheme for further reforms.

Consensus building will not be easy considering the complex interests involved. But, as Wen warned, there is no way out except by carrying reform forward.

It is about trust, about confidence and about determination.

And with Wen's words in mind an otherwise difficult year promises to be a hopeful one.

(China Daily 03/15/2012 page9)