Jilin delegate in preparation for 19th CPC National Congress

Update: 2017-10-18

Fourteen Jilin delegates arrived at Beijing and will attend the 19th CPC National Congress which will open on Oct 18. They are busy preparing for it.

Some of them are busy writing materials on Jilin's achievements and some are thinking about their presentations at the conference.

In Delegate Zhang Guiying's room, several newspapers and a few letters are lying on the desk.

Zhang is a medical staffer and represents 220,000 medical personnel in Jilin.

"I'm preparing material about gains Jilin's health care offices achieved in recent years," she said. "I focus on basic medical and health service construction and I wish I could be the carrier to bring all the medical staffs' voices to the Congress."

Jilin delegate in preparation for 19th CPC National Congress

Zhang Guiying says she wishes she could be a carrier to bring all medical staffs' voices to the Congress. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]

Delegate Cai Yuling is also busy preparing her files. She will make a report on how the labor union organizations and volunteers help grass roots workers in need in Jilin.

"I hope there will be better policies to improve their living standard," Cai stressed.

Being a cycling medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Gong Jinjie said she wished to make a statement about sports.

"It's my first time being a delegate and attending such a Congress. I'm very excited," Gong said.

"I'm a sportswoman and I collected views on sports before I arrived here. For example, how can we seize the opportunity of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and develop Jilin's ice and snow resources."

She also mentioned that many sports are too professional to play by ordinary people and suggested that schools and some private sports clubs cooperate with professional training institutes to promote such sports.

"I believe athletics sports and all-the-people sports will collaboratively develop with the joint efforts of the government and ordinary people," Gong added.

Jilin delegate in preparation for 19th CPC National Congress

Gong Jinjie is excited to attend the Congress and will make a statement on sports at the Congress. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]

Yu Jihong is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). She is busy scanning documents into her computer.

"I'm reading materials about the Congress itself and Jilin University's education achievements and problems," Yu said.

Being an educator, she pays a great deal of attention to education and scientific research. She expressed her expectations for new guidelines on innovation at the Congress.

Delegates also said that they will write down the new policies and explain them to Jilin people when they return.

Jilin delegate in preparation for 19th CPC National Congress

Yu Jihong expects to obtain new guidelines on innovation at the Congress. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]