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Three Chinese films nominated for Golden Globes

[2014-12-04 10:42]

Zhang Yimou's Coming Home, Peter Chan's Dearest and author Han Han's The Continent were nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming 72nd Golden Globes Awards.

China's actors-turned directors

[2014-11-26 06:13]

There is a trend in China's film industry – those who were performing in front of the camera are shifting behind the lens as directors.

Battle for the big screen

[2014-07-24 07:17]

As the competition for summer box-office dominance heats up, Wang Kaihao looks at the innovative online marketing techniques being used by domestic filmmakers.

Tiny Times 3 tops Chinese box offices in debut

[2014-07-18 10:31]

The third instalment of author-turned-director Guo Jingming's youth-driven drama, "Tiny Times" raked in over 100 million yuan, or some 16 million US dollars, on its first day at the box.

Writing their own tickets

[2014-07-18 09:50]

All eyes are onwriter-turned-filmmakerpair Han Han and Guo Jingming with the imminent release of their respective big-screen productions. Zhang Kun shines a spotlight on their "bromance".

Pu Shu releases new song after 11-year hiatus

[2014-07-17 09:42]

After stepping away from the microphone 11 years ago, Chinese singer-songwriter Pu Shu is releasing his new song, "Ping Fan De Lu."

Han Han: My new film is nothing but a road movie

[2014-07-10 11:06]

Chinese professional rally driver, and best-selling author Han Han said his new film "Continent" was just a road movie.

Han of all trades makes directing debut

[2014-06-12 06:55]

32-year-old writer, racer and opinion leader Han Han just finished filming a road-trip comedy about youth and farewells, "but not slapstick. I don't like characters-shout-at-the-camera comedy."

Han Han, upcoming film director

[2014-05-31 15:55]

Han Han, China's star writer, racer and opinion leader will soon be able to add a new title on his resume: Film director.

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