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Newspapers Introduction

China Daily Hong Kong Edition

Since its launch in October 1997, China Daily Hong Kong Edition has been read by the HKSAR¡¯s most influential political and business decision-makers. They have come to rely on its special style of authoritative sources and objective reporting of the most important developments across China. As one of the two English-language newspapers published in Hong Kong, China Daily Hong Kong Edition is circulated in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with its daily circulation exceeding 20,000 copies.

China Business Weekly

China Business Weekly is published on Monday together with the China Daily. The Weekly has 12 pages in broad-sheet style. The weekly stresses in-depth reporting of the economic sector, focusing on issues underlying economic and trades relations between China and foreign countries. The content covers the realities of China¡¯s economic development and related policies, the investment environment, trade relations, monetary affairs and stock markets, latest developments in economic legislation, analysis of general trends and comments written by authoritative economists. The Weekly¡¯s authoritative, timely and comprehensive reportage and analysis make it a must for foreign entrepreneurs and business people who need to know China well in order to conduct their business successfully.

Beijing Weekend

Beijing Weekend is a weekly guide covering culture, life, leisure, healthcare, sports, entertainment and other subjects of interest to foreign and local readers, and is one of the most widely read English-language publications in the city.

Since its launch in 1991, Beijing Weekend has vigorously pursued its principle of ¡°Making Your Life in Beijing More Convenient and Pleasant¡±, which has helped it earn a prominent place in the market as well as a steadily growing readership and advertising clientele.

Beijing Weekend is distributed in Beijing and other cities. The weekly can be found in most foreign embassies, multinationals, star-rated hotels, office buildings, up-market villas and apartments, bars, restaurants, clubs and other venues.

21st Century Weekly

The 21st Century is an English education weekly designed to promote the use of English and the understanding of current world affairs among those who are learning and speaking English. The weekly has a strong team of reporters and editors consisting of native English speakers and Chinese journalists and has wide connections with major international media and educational sources. The weekly provides up-to-date reports on business, science and technology, and cultural and social affairs in China and around the world in idiomatic English. It also has built networks with authoritative domestic and overseas English-language teaching and examination organizations to provide the latest information on English study, test preparation and overseas study. It appeals particularly to young intellectuals and professionals, and a great number of college students.

21st Century Teens Senior Edition

Founded in October 2001 as an English language weekly newspaper designed for China¡¯s senior high school students in China.

21st Century Teens Junior Edition

Established in September 2003, the English-language weekly newspaper designed specially for China¡¯s junior high school students.

21st Century Kids Edition

It was established in September 2003 to give a rich mix of news and teaching resources to help kids understand English and the rest of the world. As a bilingual weekly newspaper designed especially for primary school students, it covers Chinese and world news, language tips, culture, knowledge, readers¡¯ stories, games, quizzes and cartoons.

Shanghai Star

The Shanghai Star was launched in November 1992, becoming the first local English-language newspaper in China. As an affiliated newspaper of China Daily, Shanghai Star provides exclusive and in-depth reports on society, economy, culture, life and entertainment in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Region. Shanghai Star serves on readers from foreign companies. Joint ventures and consulates, overseas students in Shanghai and ease China as well as foreign tourists and business people in China.

China Daily Website

The China Daily Website was China¡¯s first news website at the time of its launch in December 1995 and it remains one of the country¡¯s top news portals today. By providing easy access to a wide range of news, business information, photos and syndicated cartoons, has grown into an influential source of information for people at home and abroad. Published in English and Chinese and subject to 5.5 million pageviews a day, serves as an online bridge between China and the rest of the world.



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