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Escalating Violence
  Thousands of Israeli Arabs protest attack
  EU grants Palestinians $145 million in aid
  Israeli army kills two militants on Gaza border
  Two Palestinian teens shot dead in Nablus camp raid
  Israeli army kills Palestinian youth in Jenin: sources
  International observers leave Hebron
  US gains support for aid cutoff to Hamas
  Fatah gunmen kill leader ahead of vote
  Palestinian gunmen blow up UN club in Gaza City
  West Bank suicide bombing leaves 4 dead
  Israel says no time limit to Gaza "no-go zone"
  Abbas urges Palestinian militants to follow truce
  Israeli warplanes enforce Gaza buffer zone
  Israeli PM orders stop to Gaza rocket fire
  Israel kills 3 Palestinians in West Bank - medics
  Israeli forces shoot three Palestinians in Nablus
  Israel halts talks with Palestinians on bus convoys
  Gaza militants fire rockets at Israel
  Israel kills Hamas militant leader in West Bank
  Israeli missile kills 7 Palestinians
  Blast kills 5 Israelis, erodes peace hopes
  Envoy urges Israel to reopen Gaza borders
  Israel kills two Palestinians in West Bank
  Israel shuts down Hamas charities
  Kidnappers free slain Palestinian's son
  Former Palestinian security chief Moussa Arafat slain
  Blast levels house in Gaza, killing four
  Hamas vows to continue fight after pullout
  Jewish extremist opens fire inside bus
  Islamic Jihad declares halt in rocket fire
  Palestinians fire on Israeli protesters
  Sharon threatens harsh measures against Palestinian violence
  Opponents of Gaza pullout admit defeat
  Abbas trying to contain Islamic militants
  Israel threatens to invade Gaza Strip
  Israeli copters pound Gaza after woman's death
  Israel seals off Gaza Strip settlements
  Hizbollah kills Israeli soldier in clash
  Palestinian authority to try to save ceasefire
  New Gaza violence strains de facto truce
  Palestinian group ready to end violence
  Sharon orders army crackdown on militants
  Sharon cuts ties with Abbas over violence
  Israel weighs response after attack
  Israeli death toll in Gaza attack rises to 6
  Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinian militants
  Israel destroys bomber home after twin attacks
  Two bus blasts in southern Israel kill 16
  Israel plans for event of Arafat's death
  Israelis kill 6 Palestinians in north Gaza clashes
  Four Palestinians, Israeli soldier killed in W.Bank
  Raiding Israeli forces kill Gaza boy
  Israeli tanks enter Gaza, one Palestinian dead
  Israeli strikes in Gaza after attack on army post
  Militant leader killed in W.Bank missile strike
  Refugee camp hit with Israeli rocket fire
  Israel presses Gaza offensive despite world outcry
  Rafah residents 'living in hell'
  Israel kills 20 Palestinians in big Gaza raid
  Israel kills 12 Palestinians in big Gaza raid
  Israeli forces raid Gaza refugee camp
  Israel hits Gaza, isolates Rafah for demolitions
  Israeli missiles strike Fatah office in Gaza
  Israeli troops killed in Gaza blast-Witnesses
  Israel keeps targeting Hamas leaders; 4 die in clashes
  Hamas leader killed in Israeli strike
  Hamas leader: Bush is enemy of God, Islam
  Israeli tanks roll into Palestinian refugee camp
  Hizbollah fires at Israeli posts, draws air raids
  Israeli armored force enters northern Gaza -Source
  Yassin buried; Hamas pledges retaliation
  Hamas declares jihad on Israel after Yassin was killed
  General strike declared after Yassin assassinated
  Israel kills 4 Palestinians in Gaza missile strikes
  Suicide bombers kill 11 at Israeli port
  Israeli army kills 5 Palestinians in W. Bank
  Israeli Gaza raid kills 14; revenge vowed
  Sharon, under pressure, holds off on Gaza pullout
  Arafat adviser shot dead in Gaza -witnesses
  Israel says Hamas leader Yassin 'marked for death'

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