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  Saudi rejects Rice on Hamas stand
  Iran offers to fund Hamas-led Palestinian authority
  Rice lobbies in Middle East on Hamas
  US freezes assets of group with alleged Hamas ties
  Israel readies sanctions for 'terrorist' Hamas regime
  Israel halts funds for Palestinians
  US House urges halt of direct aid to Palestinians
  Israeli army kills Palestinian youth in Jenin: sources
  Israel signals no ties with Palestinians under Hamas
  Israel to seal gaza after Hamas takes over
  US: 'no plot' for Hamas ouster
  Venezuela says it would welcome Hamas visit
  Hamas expects to head new Palestinian govt
  US gains support for aid cutoff to Hamas
  Fatah: Hamas wins Palestinian elections
  Fatah gunmen kill leader ahead of vote
  Hamas, Fatah signal interest in coalition
  France sends Sharon wishes for recovery, says peace efforts should continue
  Israel says no time limit to Gaza "no-go zone"
  Israeli warplanes enforce Gaza buffer zone
  Israeli-Palestinian talks frustrate envoy
  Mideast envoy urges deal on Gaza
  EU agrees to monitor Gaza-Egypt crossing
  Mideast peace decades away - Israeli Nobel winner
  Sharon seeks disarmament of militants
  Qatar offers rare praise for Israel
  Palestinian leader promises better future
  Bush embraces Abbas as courageous reformer
  Putin to help with Palestinian security
  Russia's Putin to meet Palestinian leaders
  Putin offers Mideast peace talks to wary Israel
  Russian president Putin visits Egypt
  Bullets, tears, hopes after Arafat's death
  US sees chance of peace hinging on Arafat successor
  Passing of Arafat draws mixed reactions
  Mediators tell Palestinians to reform or lose aid
  Rafah residents 'living in hell'
  Ex-diplomats fault Blair on Middle East
  Jordan's Abdullah postpones Bush meeting
  China condemns assassination of Yassin
  World leaders warn Yassin killing may have buried Mideast peace
  Hizbollah fires at Israeli posts, draws air raids
  China "greatly worried" about impact of Yassin's death
  Arabs vow to revenge killing of Yassin

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