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Delegates' Focus
  Tighter rein on law enforcement demanded
  Water pollution control poses urgent task for China
  Legislator proposes assault on police as an offence
  Beijing's household registration policy unlikely to change
  Legislator appeals for rules to curb anti-money laundering
  Government urged to play greater roles to curb housing price
  Special legislation urged for 2008 Olympics
  People's top concerns deserve attention
  Medical sector in dire need of changes
  Teacher has a lesson for lawmakers
  Talent drain hurts children in the west
  Food safety tops deputies' concern
  Calls for law to curb losses in SOE assets
  Lawyer-judge relations under fire
  Railways urged to abandon price hikes during holidays
  Defaulting wage payment should be incriminated
  Lawmakers see better ties with Taiwan
  Deputy calls for anti-corruption law
  Salary ceiling for SOE bosses under consideration
  Personnel training for Beijing Olympics urged
  Anti-corruption law, independent authorities urged
  Advisor urges new round of government streamlining
  Lawmakers propose more public holidays
  Migrant workers' plight causes concern
  Economic zone facing Taiwan proposed
  Calls to clean up medical advertising
  Vision for developing ties hailed
  Members told to offer their ideas
  Contaminated drinking water in rural areas cause concern
  CPPCC member: bird flu probably more troublesome than SARS
  CPPCC member calls for law to protect interests of servicemen
  Deputy proposes law against job discrimination
  Unbearable burden of housing for urbanites
  China experiences rising school dropout rate
  Beauty industry, a potential job generator: CPPCC member
  Social harmony tops topics among legislators
  Birth defects on rise after checks loosened
  Experts discuss a harmonious society

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