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Beijing's household registration policy unlikely to change
Updated: 2005-03-12 14:03

The current household registration policy in Beijing is unlikely to change, said a deputy to the ongoing session of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Friday.

Long Xinmin, deputy secretary of CPC (Communist Party of China) Beijing Municipal Committee, made the above remarks in response to a recent town talk concerning a possible administrative move to grant permanent residence to immigrants more leniently.

The official, on behalf of the government, also vowed to do utmost to serve people from other parts of the country, particularly rural labors, and improve administration in this regard.

According to Long, the total population of Beijing will be limited to 18 million by 2020 as being approved by the State Council.

"Efforts will be made to attract more immigrants of professionals to the capital city," said Long.

According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the total number of people living in Beijing has reached 15.244 million by last December. The permanent residents include 8.495 million urban residents and 3.1 million rural residents. The registered number of transit population totaled 3.649 million, according to the bureau.

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