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Jiang Zemin, chairman of the Central Military Commission, welcomes General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the American armed forces, in Beijing yesterday.

Safety, cheap flights on CAAC's sights
China's top civil aviation authority vowed yesterday to further step up flight security management and create a better air safety record.

Constructive US role on Taiwan valuable: Jiang
China values the commitment of the United States Government to play a constructive role in the peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question, the country's top military leader said yesterday.

Bush sees trips back to moon
WASHINGTON: US President George W. Bush announced plans on Wednesday to send humans back to the moon as early as 2015 and eventually to Mars "an election-year initiative that critics derided as a costly extravagance that could renew a military space race.

Beijing-Shanghai railway drops maglev plan
Plans for a magnetic levitation railway between Beijing and Shanghai were shelved yesterday.

Plane nose-touches at airport
An Iran Air passenger Boeing 747 plane made an emergency landing at the Beijing International Airport shortly after take off yesterday.