Yearender 2014

Yearender: Major events in showbiz in 2014

[2014-12-19 04:57]

Major events in China's entertainment sector in 2014.

Yearender: Best dressed stars

[2015-01-15 04:05]

Vanity Fair magazine has released its choice of the best dressed stars in 2014. See if your favorite star is among the best looking ones on the red carpet.

Yearender: The year in concert

[2015-01-13 05:40]

A wrap up on memorable concerts in 2014.

Yearender: Celebrity breakups of 2014

[2015-01-12 06:16]

Famous celebrity breakups of 2014. See if your favorite pair has split or not.

Chinese passport opens more doors in 2014

[2015-01-05 08:00]

Chinese outbound spending has grown rapidly in recent years, and an increasing number of countries have introduced easier visa policies to attract more Chinese visitors, especially in 2014.

Yearender: Hottest cultural news in 2014

[2014-12-25 14:59]

There were too many things that happened in 2014 and some left us wonderful memories. Here we select from them some of the hottest news to present a retrospect of the past year.

Yearender: Art and literary stars who fell in 2014

[2014-12-16 07:00]

Each year we lose some celebrities in literary and art circles. They pass away like stars dropping out of the sky, but what is different is that they've always left something behind.

Yearender: Honors achieved in 2014

[2014-12-18 07:00]

With the year 2014 coming to an end and looking back through the past 12 months, we can be proud to have made several breakthroughs in winning some international awards.

The First Lady's wardrobe in 2014

[2014-12-15 04:15]

Peng Liyuan, first lady of China, is considered to be a style icon, and well positioned to be the focus of media. Let's see some of the lovely clothing the first lady wore in 2014.

Yearender: Top 10 cultural events in 2014

[2015-01-22 09:22]

The year 2014 drifted away, leaving both joy and pain in the circle of culture. Now let’s pick ten of the most influential cultural events that happened in the past 12 months and refresh our memories together.

Yearender: Culture prohibitions in 2014

[2014-12-23 09:21]

This year many new prohibitions have been issued in cultural fields. Some of them were well received while others triggered heated buzz.

Top 10 creative restaurants and bars of 2014

[2014-12-16 08:44]

From high in the sky to under the sea, these 18 restaurants with unique surroundings are a feast for the eyes.

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