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Chinese astronaut stuns Olympic champions of table tennis

[2016-11-23 11:29]

Astronaut Chen Dong served and returned the ball single-handedly shown via video link during a CCTV reality show "Challenge the Impossible" on Sunday.

Astrophysicist behind space lab Tiangong II

[2016-11-22 07:36]

Astrophysicist Zhang Shuangnan likes traditional Chinese deep-fried dough sticks and Western coffee for breakfast before he gets down to work, studying why black holes get "angry."

Space food: Pie in the sky or a taste of the future?

[2016-11-22 07:36]

In the science fiction movie The Martian, the astronaut stranded on the Red Planet lives for more than 500 days on potatoes he has grown while awaiting rescue.

Welcome home, Shenzhou XI

[2016-11-18 12:58]

Today, the Shenzhou XI spaceship will come back to the Earth after a monthlong mission in the space. Let’s have a look at its return journey.

Would-be astronauts and their dreams

[2016-11-18 11:10]

The return of Chinese astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong is attracting public attention, so it's perfect time to remember those who devoted themselves to the manned space program but were not able to go into space.

Journey home begins for Chinese astronauts

[2016-11-17 18:16]

Two Chinese astronauts who have been in space for a month have taken the first steps on their journey back to earth.

Variety spice of life in space: Over 100 dishes for Chinese astronauts

[2016-11-15 08:29]

Speaking of space food, many think that it not only lacks variety, but also tastes bland. However, this is not true for Chinese astronauts, as more than 100 types of dishes prepared for the 33 days' space mission are indeed a treat for them.

Astronauts' first week in space

[2016-10-27 10:41]

Astronauts' first week in space

An incomplete guide to Shenzhou XI

[2016-10-25 11:43]

The longest space mission China has ever undertaken.

Spaceflight redefines 'Made in China' tag

[2016-10-28 07:55]

Since China emerged as an industrial powerhouse three decades ago, the nation's critics have defined "Made in China" as a synonym for poor quality. Today, the picture is changing, thanks to ever-rising investment into scientific and technological research.

Happy 50th birthday astronaut Jing Haipeng

[2016-10-25 10:54]

People across the country extended their best wishes to Jing Haipeng, commander of the Shenzhou XI space mission, on his 50th birthday aboard space lab Tiangong II on Monday.

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