In photos: Premier Li meets the press


China invests 1.2b yuan to rebuild Tibetan town


CPPCC annual session concludes


Cell phone fever at two sessions


Celebrities in spotlight at two sessions

Employment high on agenda

Premier Li Keqiang said the main reason for setting China's GDP growth target at around 7.5% this year is to ensure employment. Special

Corruption to have 'nowhere to hide'

Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Thursday to be consistent in fighting graft and to maintain zero tolerance toward corrupt officials.

Chinese government takes advice on board

A total of 5,875 proposals made by Chinese political advisors during the annual "two sessions" were passed to the relevant government departments to deal with on Monday.


China to 'declare war' on pollution

China will "declare war" in the battle against pollution, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday at the closing of the National People's Congress session.

Focus on Reform

Billionaires speak out on reform roles

As a major part of the country's political institution, the NPC and the CPPCC, have more than 100 billionaire representatives who are on the Hurun China Rich List.

Hot Topics

Anti-terrorism law

A suggestion that the top legislature consider drafting a national anti-terrorism law following this month's fatal attack in Kunming has been made by deputies.

Civil service

Anti-corruption drive has resulted in a decline in the number of people willing to work for the civil service.

Deposit rate

Central bank will liberalize its deposit interest rate in one or two years, says bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan.

Retirement age plan

China will introduce its plans on raising the retirement age before 2020, a senior official has pledged.

Economic Watch

Experts: GDP growth target reasonable

China's target of achieving 7.5% rate released in the government's work report is both necessary and feasible, experts say.

NDRC plans internal reforms

China's top economic planning agency will launch an self-inflicted reform that will reduce its own power.

Broad changes coming in finance

China will undertake many changes in banking and finance, including granting lenders more control over loans and interest rates.

CEOs weigh in on 'two sessions'

As a major economic force, multinational companies attach great importance to the annual "two sessions".

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