School classes fully resume in quake zone

School classes fully resumed on Monday in China's quake zone 16 days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake jolted Sichuan province, according to local education authorities.

Lushan warned against secondary disasters

Local authorities in the quake-stricken region of Lushan in Sichuan were warned on Monday to prepare for possible secondary disasters, with thunder and rainfall forecast to linger in the area.

Latest News

No epidemic outbreaks detected in quake zone

Outbreaks of infectious diseases have not been detected in China's quake zone 15 days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake jolted Sichuan province killing 196 people, local health authorities said.

Red Cross raises $22 million for Lushan quake

FedEx to assist China quake relief

819 remain hospitalized after Lushan quake

Landslide kills 2 in Sichuan quake zone

Relief and Donations

Quake donations from Taiwan head for mainland

Taiwan's Red Cross organization and volunteers in Taipei have started to load the island's donations to the mainland's quake-hit Sichuan province for shipment.

Quick relief for quake victims

100m yuan added for relief materials in Beijing

SOEs donate 300 million yuan to quake area

NBA to help in quake relief efforts in China


Medical team offers care and comfort to elderly

Sitting on a stool in a temporary shelter covered by tarpaulin, Ma Wenyu did not want to talk about what she remembers of the earthquake four days ago.

Central SOEs donate $48.6m to quake-hit area

Mental health workers provide vital comfort

Li in plea to quake rescuers

Early warning plane sent to earthquake zone


Boy, 8, digs 2-year-old sister out of rubble

An 8-year-old boy, Zhou Ziyun, saved his 2-year-old sister, who was buried in the rubble, after two hours of digging with his bare hands in Lushan county of Sichuan province.

Family seeks to keep memento of disaster

Family feeds quake workers

Quake baby born in makeshift tent

Donor of 2,224 coins helps quake victims

On the Scene

Quake-hit areas need make-shift toilets

Local authorities have initiated an emergency plan to meet people's needs for make-shift toilets in Lushan County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, after it was hit by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on Saturday, said an official on Thursday.

Water remains unfit to drink

Anxious wait for milk powder

Power line, road repaired to empower quake-hit area

Relief materials in short supply