Hu's Croatia trip important: Ambassador

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Updated: 2009-06-19 10:01

President Hu Jintao's state visit to Croatia indicates that China recognize both the investments made by Croatia in her economic development and political stability, as well as her contributions toward international security and peace, Croatia's ambassador to China said.

"We welcome the latter recognition that obliges Croatia to stay the course," Ante Simonic said last week in a written reply to China Daily.

China's success in developing its market and polity matters to Croatia, a mid-sized country on the cusp of membership in the European Union, the ambassador wrote.

Hu's visit to the country on the cusp of membership in the European Union is a "political event of great importance", Simonic said.

"We expect this first ever visit by a Chinese president will become part of historical legacy in Sino-Croatian bilateral ties," he said.

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Four documents, including a major commercial contract, are expected to be signed during the Chinese leader's visit to the Republic of Croatia, Simonic said, adding that Croatia will also host a business forum, which will be attended by over 200 Chinese businessmen.

"We expect the forum will offer a strong impetus to future development of economic relations, which both countries consider a priority in their overall bilateral relations," he said.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 17 years ago, relations between Croatia and China have been on continuous rise, building on the general principles of respect for each other's territorial integrity and state sovereignty, mutual trust and understanding, he said.

"The ties have traditionally been very friendly and stable," he said.

Cooperation in the fields of culture, education, science and sports has grown continuously, Simonic said.

"It is my personal ambition, as a former research scientist and university dean and professor, to assist in every possible way in strengthening and expanding cooperative networks and formats among the creative Chinese and Croatians and centers of excellence," he said.

"I believe our mutual investments in human capital, in knowledge and innovation, will bear the most rewarding results in the long run."

The unprecedented economic growth and increasing political weight make China one of the most important actors in global political relations, he said.

"I am convinced that the friendly relations between China and Croatia will further benefit from the bright future development prospects.

"I trust the Chinese president's visit will be instrumental in widening and strengthening our partnership in many areas."

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Hu's Croatia trip important: Ambassador


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