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How supply-side reforms are being carried out

[2016-09-28 07:58]

How govt depts are carrying out supply-side reform

China promotes law study among civil servants

[2016-04-07 20:02]

China's civil servants must take exams and be evaluated on their legal knowledge, according to an official document issued on Thursday.

Hebei closes thousands of wells to tackle subsidence

[2016-08-31 16:06]

Hebei Province in north China plans to close more than 2,000 wells this year to address subsidence and shrinking wetlands due to long-term overexploitation of groundwater.

President Xi calls for responsibility in sprint for well-off society

[2015-12-31 20:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on every Chinese person to take responsibility during the "sprint" to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020.

Reform meeting tables healthcare, environmental, hukou proposals

[2015-12-10 10:48]

Senior Chinese officials tabled proposals ranging from healthcare reform to central management of national parks at a major government meeting on Wednesday.

Reform on the way to promote ecological progress

[2015-09-17 20:36]

China is to publish details of a program on reforming the monitoring of ecological progress, a senior reform official said in Beijing on Thursday.

Governments should 'respond promptly' to lawsuits

[2015-10-14 07:44]

Government departments should respond promptly when they are involved in administrative lawsuits, according to a statement released on Tuesday after the 17th Meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform.

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