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China pledges education, hospital, juror system reforms

[2015-04-02 07:36]

Chinese authorities on Wednesday rolled out plans to support rural teachers, overhaul public hospitals and improve public supervision of court cases.

Leading group OKs lawsuit reform

[2015-04-02 07:06]

Residents should find it easier to file civil cases in courts as the central government is breaking down barriers and pushing judicial reforms ahead.

China's Xi highlights pilot programs in deepening reform

[2015-06-05 20:26]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on officials to spare no efforts in carrying out pilot programs in order to deepen reforms on Friday.

New rule to help lawyers assert rights

[2015-09-21 06:54]

The rule says that law enforcement authorities should guarantee lawyers' rights to get information, petition, and meet with clients.

Governments should 'respond promptly' to lawsuits

[2015-10-14 07:44]

Government departments should respond promptly when they are involved in administrative lawsuits, according to a statement released on Tuesday after the 17th Meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform.

Spotlight: Let people get justice, fairness in court trials

[2016-01-22 10:58]

President Xi Jinping has called on Chinese political and legal organs to demonstrate justice and fairness to the people in every judicial case, a goal the court system has always been earnestly pursuing.

Judicial Reform of Chinese Courts

[2016-03-03 14:38]

China has been proactively, prudently and practically advancing the judicial reform based on China’s national conditions and current trends, which has made preliminary achievements.

Institutions asked to have legal advisers

[2016-03-23 02:38]

In an unprecedented move, President Xi Jinping has asked all institutions in China to hire professional legal representatives and advisers.

National digital platform set up for volunteer services

[2016-07-12 08:02]

China will establish a national system for volunteer organizations by 2020, under a set of guidelines issued by eight central government departments.

Progress in judicial protection of rights

[2016-09-13 07:36]

The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China on Monday issued a white paper on new progress in the judicial protection of human rights in China. Following is the full text of the document.

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