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Since his nomination as the next United States Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman Jr. has been at the forefront of a new wave of media frenzy. While the political maneuvering and jockeying behind his nomination has enthralled pundits and experts in the US, his “China connections” is now the talk of the town across the Pacific.

In addition to him, we see more and more Chinese faces in the US federal and local governments, including Gary Locke, Steven Chu, Christina Tchen, Christopher Lu, Judy Chu...

US ambassador settles into new Beijing home
Jon Huntsman
New US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, who arrived in Beijing on Friday, pledged Wednesday to have a clear view of the shared interests between the United States and China.
China Connections
Huntsman linked with China as teenager
Huntsman, whose Chinese name is "Hong Bopei", learned Putonghua when he was a Mormon missionary in Taiwan as a teenager.
Huntsman and his business links with China
Huntsman is the son of billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman, and his family founded chemical company Huntsman Corp, which has operations in China, including a factory in Shanghai.
China-US Relations
US ambassador settles into new home
Huntsman plans to meet President Hu this week, as the new US ambassador to China settles into his new Beijing residence. US Officials, China, Chinese
Huntsman: US-China relationship most important
Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says he and President Barack Obama believe that the United States' relationship with China is its most important in the world.
Future US President?
Possible contender for US president in 2012
Huntsman's positions on the environment and other issues have led some to consider him a potential contender for president in 2012.

Huntsman may stay out of race with Obama
The appointment could also mean that Huntsman - widely considered a leading Republican contender for the 2012 presidential election - would not be in the race should Obama stand again.

From Readers

·Great expectation on Huntsman
·I had a chance to meet Gov. Huntsman and he is seriously a great guy.
·whoever it might be, Beijing welcomes you!
·Sino-US cooperation is very critical
·Don't judge from appearance


Huntsman is missed as he leaves for China as ambassador

Huntsman and Chinese daughter

A promising Republican with kid-love knot
Timothy Geithner
Timothy Geithner (born August 18, 1961), is the current US Secretary of the Treasury. He has studied Chinese and Japanese.
China US prepare for landmark talks this summer
China and the United States are ratcheting up efforts to prepare for strategic and economic talks this summer as US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner continues his visit to Beijing.
US treasury chief aims closer economic ties with China
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is making best of his first Beijing visit to pursue a closer economic ties with China.


Geithner: US committed to less deficit

Geithner tells China its dollar assets are safe
Steven Chu
Chu, a Chinese American, is an American physicist and currently the 12th United States Secretary of Energy.
Obama appoints 'green' team
Chu will become the second Chinese American in a US administration after Secretary of Labor Elaine Lan Chao go out with the Bush administration next month.
Ethnic Chinese tipped as US energy chief
Chu's ethnic origin will help strengthen Sino-US cooperation in the energy sector through more cooperation in nuclear energy and exchange of clean energy technologies, a Chinese expert said.

Lasting Ties
The Bush family and China
Elaine Chao shares childhood memories with netizens
Former US diplomats lauded for China ties
Gary Locke
Gary Faye Locke is the current United States Secretary of Commerce and was the 21st Governor of Washington. Locke was the first, and remains the only, Chinese American to serve as governor of a state in United States history.
Locke's commerce nomination gets thumbs up
Locke is the second Chinese American in Obama's cabinet after Steven Chu, who serves as energy secretary.
China ties make Locke good pick for US Commerce
Former Washington state Governor Gary Locke, the son of Chinese immigrants with expertise in working with Beijing, is a good choice for commerce secretary at a time when cooperation between the two countries is key to global growth.

China-US Relations

·Geithner looks to sell safety of US bonds
·China, US militaries thaw ties
·US unveils bills to foster China ties
·'Dalai visit' likely to threaten relations
·US envoy to 'seek help' from China
·Time for new win-wins between China, US
·Chinese art exhibit opens in Washington
·China, US to be close partners: ex-official
·China offers US help to tackle crisis
·Expert: Relations with China 'on good track'
·Positive development in China-US ties expected
·China, US to restart military dialogue in Feb.
·Sino-US ties at new point: ambassador

Chinese-American at front door of White House
President Barack Obama has signaled a shift in how he will communicate with Asian-Americans after he appointed Chinese-American Christina Tchen director of the White House Office of Public Liaison.

Christopher Lu, senior Asian American in Obama administration
Christopher P. Lu (born June 12, 1966) is the current Cabinet Secretary for United States President Barack Obama's executive office.

Judy Chu likely to be 1st Chinese American Congresswoman
The California State Board of Equalization Vice Chairwoman, Judy Chu, held a commanding lead in her bid for the 32nd US Congressional seat on Tuesday night, but failed to get the majority votes needed to avoid a runoff.

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