Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States, started a three-day visit to China on February 20, her first since becoming top US diplomat last month. She talked, through a webchat on chinadaily.com.cn, with Chinese internet users on a host of issues, including Sino-US co-operation in climate change, environment, and other issues of common concern Sunday, February 22.
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11:50 Feb. 22, 2009
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Clinton seen as example for women
For most Chinese women, visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton needs no further introduction.
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    • More 'needs to be done' for equality
      As one of the women who have reached the highest levels of leadership, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is very familiar with the issues and challenges facing women in the world today.

    • Amen marks end to Asia tour
      Hillary Clinton took time out toward the end of her exhausting tour of Asia yesterday to join Chinese Christians in hearing a sermon on bridging cultural borders at a Beijing church.

    • Clinton takes diplomacy to the people
      Despite a grueling schedule that involved traveling to four countries in just seven days, Hillary Clinton looked as sprightly as ever when she addressed Chinese students in Beijing at the weekend.

    • Clinton urges China to continue buying US Treasuries
      US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday wrapped up her three-day visit, reaching broad consensus with the Chinese leadership on a wide range of issues and urging Beijing to keep buying US Treasury bonds.

    • Climate envoy's cooperation call
      China and the United States have been urged to "greatly intensify and accelerate" their cooperation on climate change at a national level by a US special envoy for the environment.

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