"The blood relations between our people have proven blood is thicker than water." -- ARATS president Chen Yunlin

"We should continue to build kindness (by working on economic issues) and create conditions for solving political difficulties." -- ARATS vice-president Zheng Lizhong

"Opinions should be expressed in a peaceful, rational, law-abiding and orderly way." -- SEF chairman Chiang Pin-kung

Key Topics

A senior Beijing negotiator said on Monday an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation across the Taiwan Straits will not be signed tomorrow as expected due to "technical reasons."

Mainland looks for wider opening of Taiwan market

Cross-Straits talks to focus on economy


The local media have given wide coverage to the cross-Straits high-level trade talks in this central city of Taiwan.

Taichung mayor urges openness to Chiang-Chen talks

Taiwan chief negotiator wishes no violence at coming talks