Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Evolution of Consumer ElectronicsEvolution of Consumer Electronics

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Editor's Note: "Survival of the fittest" is also relevant in the consumer electronics industry. As technology continues to change daily, the development of consumer electronics products gradually accelerated.

Evolution of Consumer Electronics


Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Behind the scenes of this supersession chain, many manufacturers fail to keep up with the trends and get pushed out of the market.



A Kodak moment to remember

Eastman Kodak, the company that invented the hand-held camera and helped bring the world the first pictures from the moon, has filed for bankruptcy protection. The 132-year-old firm said it had also obtained a $950 million, 18-month credit facility from Citigroup to give it time to allow it to reorganize without facing creditors.


Davos stress business innovation to avoid Kodak faliure

Companies failing to adapt themselves to new business environment and refuse innovation will soon fall behind or even go out of business in today's world, said delegates participating in a special session titled "The Global Business Context".


Kodak files for bankruptcy, secures $950m lifeline

"The board of directors and the entire senior management team unanimously believe that this is a necessary step and the right thing to do for the future of Kodak," Chairman and Chief Executive Antonio M. Perez said in a statement.


Kodak is out of the picture at Oscars

Bankrupt Eastman Kodak Co is having its name yanked from telecast of the Oscars, the president of the group that gives out the awards said on Feb 2.

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

 Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Traditional cell phones captured on Oct 25, 2008. [Photo/CFP]


Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Samsung Group releases a new LTE smartphone, May 31, 2012. [Photo/CFP]

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Staff members carry a replica of a mobile phone at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, 2001. [Photo/CFP]


Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Japan's Softbank Mobile Corp join with Sharp to release a new smartphone in Tokyo, May 29, 2012. [Photo/CFP]


Lumia fails to light the way ahead for Nokia

The new Lumia lineup has failed to become the white knight riding to the rescue of the troubled headset maker Nokia Oyj, which encountered its fourth quarterly profit slide in a row.


Nokia loses Chinese market

Nokia Oyj isn't just losing cell phone market share to iPhone maker Apple Inc, but also loosing its dominance in China as prices sink, Bloomberg reported.


Nokia to adjust operations in China

Worldwide job reductions by Nokia Oyj will lead to the adjustment of its operations in China, but analysts have cast doubt on whether the company's aggressive move can eventually bear fruit in the country and other parts of the world.


Nokia abandons Japanese market

Nokia Corp, battered by the popularity of smartphones, is abandoning the Japanese market after a brief foray with luxury cell phones costing as much as 20 million yen ($250,000).


Overseas phone firms smarting over losses in market

International mobile phone companies have begun selling low-priced smartphones in China as they struggle to turn the tide in their battle with their Chinese rivals.


Evolution of Consumer Electronics 

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Sony releases the sports series Walkman in Beijing, Oct 23, 2006. [Photo/CFP]


Evolution of Consumer Electronics

A coach shoots a floor routine on an iPad during the women's gymnastics senior international teams competition at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on May 25, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. [Photo/Agencies] 


Evolution of Consumer Electronics

Some companies successfully transformed into new leaders in new fields, by changing business strategies and applying new technologies in their products.



Apple, Baidu to share ad sales

Baidu Inc said that Apple Inc will be entitled to a share of its advertising sales because it added the Chinese company's search service to its newest operating system.


Apple courts local developers in bid for larger market share

AutoNavi's navigation application showed up on Apple's latest operating system , replacing the Google map application. The change follows reports that Apple will replace the Google search engine on its iPhones with Baidu Inc's.


Apple's new iPad receives license

Apple Inc's new iPad has gained a network access license for the Chinese mainland, a step that will pave the way for the device to be sold.



IBM builds smart tech center in S. China

IBM Corporation has set up a center in south China's Hainan province to focus on the development of smart information technology, officials and sources with the company said.


IBM branches out to Yantai

International Business Machines Corporation, a leading global IT company, set up a branch office in the Outsourcing Demonstration Park of Yantai, East China's Shandong province, which is its thirty-second branch office nationwide.


IBM opens remanufacturing center in Shenzhen

IBM celebrated the opening of its remanufacturing center in Shenzhen, a place that will recycle old servers, reproduce and put them onto the market again. 

Evolution of Consumer Electronics

The pace of industrial technology upgrading never stops.


Changing times require changing strategies

Factories owned by overseas investors have long been a more competitive part of China, using its abundant labor to generate increasing export incomes. But now, as the economy is changing from export-led growth to growth driven primarily by domestic consumption, they will have to rethink their China strategies.


Convergence of TV, Internet, phone to continue

China will push ahead the convergence of television, Internet and telecom services in 2012, said Miao Wei, minister of Industry and Information Technology.


Three into one for benefit of all

Tri-network integration, the integration of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and the Internet, will play an important role in the transformation of China's society in the information era. The government should bear this in mind during the policymaking process.


Networks integration to announce pilot cities

Plans for a pilot tri-networks integration project, including pilot cites, details of the programs as well as preferential policies, are expected to come out on June 25, Economic Information Daily reported.