Editor's Note: China must innovate, especially as developed economies do not fare well and China is facing challenges from economic restructuring. China Daily invites officials, experts and entrepreneurs to share their perspectives on what China needs to do to become a great innovative nation.

Intel might be a symbol of technological innovation. But now, the company is doing more than just pushing generations of new products into the market. 
Huang Nubo
"We used to say that we should go where the market is, but the focus is now on how to create new markets for the society and the future, such as Apple which makes everybody know it now."

Li Daokui
"Chinese commercial banks are quite innovative, but not in the right way. They are innovative in doing wealth-management products."

Huang Qiang
"It's two-way street a lot of the time. Like the US, the US has lots of high-technology that will never be offered to us. But it also has things they have not mastered so they need to talk to us."

Li Yizhong
"The motivation to move forward comes from the awareness of lagging behind. The ancient proverb still makes sense nowadays: Sorrow and calamity give one vitality, while ease and pleasure can be fatal."

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